Friday, June 4, 2010

New Powerman Videos!

Good news citizens!

I am starting to upload the new Powerman series to YouTube.  I will start posting them here over time, but you can go directly to the Powerman & Mosquitoboy YouTube page to see them earlier.  Right now, only the first half of Deceptor's Revenge episode 1 is online, but it is still almost 10 minutes long.  The entire video is over an hour.

Although we originally made these for kids, we made them so that we would enjoy them as well.  There is a lot of superhero action in the videos, but they also have a point.  Because I'm splitting them up into 10 segments, you won't notice a direct 'message' in each of the clips.  To get a taste for that, watch especially for part 2, 6, and 10.  In other places it is more subtle.  If you appreciate John Piper or John Bunyan, you might especially appreciate the conclusion.  I've heard from a lot of parents who say that their kids are addicted to the DVDs!  We're really glad when we get to hear that.  I hope that we might have a way to make the DVDs more widely available in the future.

Hey, if you can, please click "like" on the videos or "favorite" them. Help me get the word out!

Note: On the YouTube account name, there is no "and" in between Powerman & Mosquitoboy.  YouTube only lets usernames be so long.  The older series, "in Space" is hosted on a different YouTube account.  I've created a new one for this new series.  Although the series is 5 episodes I will split each of them in half because of YouTube's time restrictions.  I will title them as 1-10 just to keep it simple.

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