Monday, June 14, 2010

Powerman & Mosquitoboy - part 2

After stopping the ghost ninjas, Powerman and Mosquitoboy return to their base.  Mosquitoboy wonders why he wasn't able to form his Sword of Truth.  Powerman talks to Mosquitoboy about this and the fact that all superheros have an origin... except for the One who is beyond any superhero.  In the meantime Powerman's archenemy Deceptor prepares a new trap for Mosquitoboy and a scheme to destroy Powerman's Sword of Truth forever!

Also in this video: Mosquitoboy gets ready for his date!

This is part 2 of the YouTube version of Powerman & Mosquitoboy: Deceptor's Revenge. In the DVD this is the second part of Episode I.

To view the larger version directly on YouTube, click here.


  1. Powerman says, "Cut and paste this in order to post this video to your facebook page: Thank you for your help citizen!"

  2. I think that my favorite part of this video is at the end when Mosquitoboy is getting ready for his date!